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Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show returns to Miami Beach

Monday, March 17th, 2014

Photo Courtesy of www.homeshows.netIt’s that time again! The Miami Home Design and Remodeling Show is returning to the Miami Beach Convention Center this month between March 21 – 24.

The nationally recognized event features exquisite collections of international products and services related to home improvement and enhancement. The exhibits feature a wide range of decorative tastes, and spark creativity in attendees by giving indoor and outdoor design ideas. Tickets are $10 per adult and $1 for children under 11 years.* During the event, attendees will:Photo Courtesy of www.homeshows.net

  • witness the showcasing of new products available in the market
  • experience first-hand, new services being offered
  • attend free seminars to learn home improvement tips
  • talk with industry experts for personalized advice

This year’s headline speaker is Million Dollar Contractor, Stephen Fanuka from the DIY Network. More fun will include wine tastings, cooking shows, an interactive art show featuring local artists, and more!

We will be there checking out the cool exhibits and hope to see you there as well!

*Tickets are per diem and discounts are available if you order online.

Visit the website for more details and discount ticket pricing.

Photos Courtesy of www.homeshows.net

Photo Courtesy of www.homeshows.netPhoto Courtesy of www.homeshows.net

Friday Night Movies at North Shore Park Bandshell

Wednesday, February 12th, 2014

North Beach Bandshell Arial Shot

The North Shore Bandshell has been a major hub for music events and celebrations in North Beach. Centrally located at 7275 Collins Avenue, the venue will be hosting a movie night every Friday at 7:00 PM until May 2014. This event is free and open to the public. Below is the movie schedule:

Bandshell Movie Schedule 2014

Bandshell Movie Schedule (Click to download and print)

All movies are rated either G, PG, or PG-13 making it appropriate for viewers of all ages. These types of events help create a sense of community and are the reason why North Beach has the reputation it does for being more family-oriented. What makes North Beach home for you?


2013 Annual Sales Report – MultiFamily in North Beach

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014

Last year in this northern neighborhood of Miami Beach, halfway between the Fontainebleau Miami Beach and  Bal Harbour, some savvy investors picked up 49 multi-family properties for a total of 618 units with over 441,000 sqft in  North Beach. Selling at half the price of it’s more well known South Beach neighborhood, sale prices in North Beach averaged $154.53 per sqft or $113,902 per unit. Besides just stretching the value of the dollar, North Beach properties are a decade younger, and the average unit size is  21% larger than those in South Beach. Check out the link below for a list of what sold in 2013.

Closed Sales 2013 North Beach

Our favorite sale last year was  2005-2023 Calais. When the owner contracted Urban Resource to manage  this property, the annual rent was $107,000 with expenses just over $48,000. Prior to selling the property, Urban Resource not only increased rents to over $133,000, but also brought expenses down to $25,000 annually. 2005-2023 Calais sold at a 7% CAP. More importantly, the property featured over 21,000 sqft of land with 143 feet of waterfront, making it a prime site for future development. Something that seems to be in high demand these days.

2005-2023 Calais – 10 units waterfront sold April 2013 for $1,320,000

2005 Calais 42005 Calais 52005 Calais Dr Miami Beach FL 331412005 Calais 32005 Calais 2


So what is selling in 2014? Already, nine properties in North Beach have sold in the first six weeks of the year for a total of 62 units. In addition, one of the last vacant waterfront lots measuring 1.06 Acres sold for $11,250,000 or at  just over $243 per sqft of waterfront land.

Opportunities for solid investments exist here in North Beach, and Urban Resource is ready to give you a tour. Don’t miss the boat and give us a call.


Miami Beach announces Sunset Harbour Neighborhood Improvements

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

As most of us envisioned, Sunset Harbour has become quite a  favored destination for Miami Beach residents & visitors alike. Located just on the northwest edge of South Beach, this enclave offers some of the best dining, clothing stores, specialty fitness classes,  and cold-pressed organic juice  anywhere,  as well as its own Publix & Fresh Market. In case you missed it, Sunset Harbour won neighborhood of the year. It’s no surprise either, given some of the public amenities as well, like the bayfront Maurice Gibb park with shaded playground, the public boat ramp, and the new parking garage that offers a plenitude of parking in Sunset Harbour.

So what else, may you be wondering, could make this neighborhood better?

Last week, the city of Miami Beach presented a neighborhood improvement project to residents that will start towards the end of this year.

Sunset Harbour Improvement Fact Sheet

Sunset Harbour Improvement Fact Sheet


This first of 3 presentations held by the city was a pre-design meeting to gather resident input and feedback on the city’s proposed improvements. Many welcomed the improvements noted, which include new storm water drainage, water lines, new sidewalks, better lighting and new pavered crosswalks. The city announced that a 4th pump station was being considered on the corner of Dade Blvd & Alton Rd to assist with the seasonal king tides and that Pump Station three was being modified for better design flow.  The water drainage pipes would also be wider to allow for quicker drainage, especially when experiencing high tides and heavy rain. The current budget for this capital improvement is $2.3Million.

Once the city completed the presentation, they actively listened to resident input which included:

  • Adding more pedestrian crosswalks in the neighborhood, especially along 18th St from Sunset Harbour Dr to Alton Rd
  • Adding a 4 way stop at the corner of 18th St & Bay Rd and consider one also at 18th St & Sunset Harbour Dr
  • Widening sidewalks to allow for more pedestrian traffic, especially along Sunset Harbour Dr and 18th St
  • Monitor outdoor cafe seating to ensure pedestrian access to sidewalks
  • Consider removing parking along major pedestrian areas to expand sidewalk and allow for a better pedestrian experience

The meeting was very positive, well organized, and informative.


Pages from Sunset Harbour Neighborhood improvements plan

Click image for full presentation


The next meeting will present the project at 30% design and approval, which residents are welcome to provide input.

With all these wonderful improvements coming to Sunset Harbour, its no surprise available condos sell or rent quickly. If you’re considering a move here, give us a call for the inside scoop on what’s coming up. As a resident of Sunset Harbour, we’re always looking for good neighbors.

MiMo Preservation in North Beach

Monday, September 9th, 2013


MiMo Architecture


Ah, the Golden era of Miami Beach…. It was the mid 1940’s, and the South Beach Art Deco District was significantly present & built. North Beach offered development opportunities to young and emerging architects looking to place their mark on the Post War Modernist Movement. With the help of some Starchitects like Norman Giller, Morris Lapidus, Melvin Grossman, Robert Swatburg, and others, our treasured MiMo District in North Beach was born.


MiMo on the Beach Fun


To best describe MiMo design, think about the jets & automobiles of the era, mix in some fun like cheese holes and boomerangs, then add a bit of Sinatra, Davis, and Martin. New construction and development in South Florida was at an all time high, with newcomers calling Miami home, and tourists flocking to Miami Beach for the best entertainment under the sun. The Rat Pack performed often, and the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show from the Deauville. The most recognized MiMo treasure would be the Fontainebleau Resort in Miami Beach, which has been used as the backdrop for several movies. Our favorite would have to be James Bond’s Goldfinger. (Click photo below to view short clip.)


Fast forward to Miami Beach in the early 2000′s, and we come upon a familiar scene. With South Beach’s Historic Art Deco District, mostly preserved and internationally recognized, Miami Beach looks on to save another treasure in their city, MiMo buildings. After the successful renovation of the Fontainebleau, the city created a guideline for MiMo restoration to assist property owners how to best preserve the MiMo architecture in North Beach.  As MiMo buildings now average 65 years in age, many require some upgrades to meet current code.  This helpful guideline makes recommendations for the following:

  • Railing repair or replacement
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Window & door replacement
  • Landscape design
  • Roof replacement
In our Real Estate experience, and as evident again with the Art Deco District in South Beach, preserving the charm and design features from the original build, enhance the curb appeal and first impression which positively affect the property value. For a landlord, this increases the rent value and reduces costs by decreasing vacancies.

One of the most interesting options available to a property owner considering MiMo Preservation in North Beach is to allow the development of unused FAR (Floor to Area Ratio – used to calculate build-able square feet on land) on a historic building. So long as a developer met MiMo guidelines on the design, she could essentially build another story on the existing structure. The new construction would still need to adhere to current code for new build, but this is a great alternative to trashing and demolishing a MiMo treasure and build all new construction. Property owners could make existing units larger by adding another story, and by reducing the number of units. Although this option has been available for almost a decade, no one has taken advantage of it in North Beach, until now.

New MiMo Revival Project in North Beach Unanimously Approved

Monday, September 9th, 2013

In it’s September meeting,  the Design Review Board was presented  for approval the first re-use and adaptation  of a MiMo property in North Beach. The trailblazer, 8505 Harding LLC, wished to develop  the unused FAR, 8214 sfqt, by adding another story to the existing property.  Through this adaptation & re-use of an existing building, the MiMo design can be preserved while still increasing the size of the property by half it’s original design. In order to insure he met proper MiMo guidelines, the development team with  his architect, VHR Architecture, worked extensively with city staff  and agreed to all conditions outlined, thus conducting a full restoration of the existing property, which was purchased as a vacant & dilapidated structure.

Current State of 8505 Harding Av

In the proposed design, the number of total units was reduced from 28 to 24, and the average size was increased from 588 to 1029 square feet. All units are  two bedroom flats or bi-level, with the third level featuring huge terraces.  In addition, there are private balconies along the sides on every floor. Given the surrounding buildings are mostly 2 stories, it would seem the third level may offer some views into the park, and maybe even a glimpse of the ocean.   It really seems the development team is set to complete a wonderful new project in North Beach. This site is perfectly located for a number of uses. Since it is on Harding Avenue, the owner can seek a hotel license and market the property for short term rentals. This would be a huge appeal given the easy access to the beach, and there is  favorable demand for weekly rentals at this location.  The owner can also convert the project to condominiums, which would appeal to primary residents, as well as second home owners and investors.  At the moment, the city does not allow condominiums to conduct short term rentals, although it seems that this use in the North Shore Neighborhood  would be considered by residents. Here are some renderings of the proposed building:

Proposed - 8505 Harding Av

Proposed 8505 Harding Av - 2


Although the tone of the presentation was very positive, some concerns voiced at the meeting and from the community in general is the overall state of the back alley and the public lot just east of this project which has been used as a staging area for years for Capital Improvement projects in North Beach. Although these improvements are a welcomed investment in the community, the city may want to address the overall look of this lot, which can be better maintained. This lot faces our treasured North Shore Open Space Park, which is used by residents and visitors alike.  The city should recognize this investment and try to coincide public improvements at the same time to make a more positive impact when funds are invested in an area.

So what’s next for this trailblazing project? Now that this MiMo revival was praised and unanimously approved by the Design Review Board & the Board of Adjustments, the owner can begin the permit application process with the city’s building department and the project should be ready by 2015.

Stay tuned for updates on this project or any others in North Beach!


The Golden Sands – 6901 Collins Ave

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Built in 1951 and designed by Norman M. Giller , the Golden Sands was originally called the Bombay Hotel, and was the first hotel  designed with it’s own parking garage. It was purchased in 2005 by WSG Development for $19M to be added to the Canyon Ranch community. However, the real estate market stalled while the project was still in the development process, and the property has sat dormant for several years. Now owned by Lehman Brothers, an announcement earlier this month that they would be placing this for sale along with their remaining interests in Canyon Ranch was music to our ears. Surely, this prime oceanfront lot will be snapped up for re-development, either as a stand alone project or as part of Canyon Ranch. The days as an empty building of a by gone era are numbered.

The Golden Sands Today


With practically all of the remaining inventory sold at Canyon Ranch, and with the flurry of  new  construction evident along Collins Av from South Beach to Sunny Isles, this is a perfect time for Lehman Brothers to complete their exit strategy. With the ability to purchase the common areas of Canyon Ranch, the future owner of the Golden Sands can market the project to include the use of the wonderful amenities and services exclusively offered to Canyon Ranch, or leave the Golden Sands as a stand alone project that is ultra exclusive like the Bath Club Estates proposed a few blocks south. The question now is what will the city approve on the current site of the Golden Sands?

Back in 2004, the owner went through a  rather extensive design review process before obtaining the final approval in 2005. The original structure would be redesigned  with an 18 story tower rising east towards the beach. There would be a total of 40 units, mostly 3 residences per floor, with only 1 residence on the PH level and 2 units on the lower PH, each 2 stories. At the time, the parking requirement would allow 60 spaces total.

Golden Sands Renderings of Progress


Since then,  the city code has changed with regards to historic oceanfront buildings. The current guidelines may allow only the addition of a roof top deck to the existing structure or adding more floors, up to 5 stories. However, state law may still provide the owner with development rights, so long as current requirements and approvals are sought. Considering it’s location and the last approval, there’s a very good chance that the previous plans will be honored.  But given the other code requirements like parking, the number of condominium units may need to be reduced to 30, which could increase  the average unit size at the Golden Sands from 1450 to  2450 square feet.

Another approach would be to develop a new hotel, which  would be great for the local neighborhood, providing jobs, entertainment and tourism to North Beach.  Since the parking requirement is more lenient for hotels, there could be as many as 120 rooms built within the design approved earlier. There is so much potential for further development in North Beach, and revitalizing the plan for the Golden Sands can bring much deserved attention to the area, and it’s Town Center plan.

For now, whether it’s a new condominium or hotel, as a stand alone project or as part of Canyon Ranch, it looks like better days are coming for the Golden Sands.



Normandy Shores Park Enhancements Coming Soon!

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

City of Miami Beach proposes face-lift for North Beach neighborhood park

Positioned between the rolling green hills of the Normandy Shores Golf Course, and the wide open space of the Normandy Shores Park Tennis courts, lies a grassy little lot facing the Biscayne Bay. Currently, this lot serves as a convenient location for the existing park building but the City of Miami Beach Parks & Recreation Department plans to entirely revamp and beautify the grounds.

Included in the plans, the department has proposed to demolish the existing building, peel down the chain-link fences, and build a 1,985 sq. ft. shaded fitness shelter on the pre-existing tiled area.

The future outdoor fitness area with shade canopy will come fitted with exercise equipment, a water fountain, and nearby trash receptacle and will be surrounded by privacy-yielding Spanish Stopper trees on the east and south sides of the structure. The landscape plans include re-sodding the entire lot, and installing a row of low-lying Cocoplum shrubs along the south side border of the property. Two large, wild tamarind trees will be strategically placed on opposite ends of the park to give ample shade during all hours of the day. Four Queen Crepe Myrtles will be sprinkled throughout the lot providing a pop of passionate purple that will glow against the surrounding greenery.

Other construction will include laying a new 5 foot-wide sidewalk with a broom sweep finish that will continue from the existing sidewalk, all the way down to the sea wall. The proposed sidewalk will open up to a freshly laid 15 foot-radius semicircle concrete landing where benches with seat dividers will overlook the Biscayne Bay.

On each side of this enchanting seating area will be a thicket of reddish-purple Muhly grass and purple-flowered railroad vine at the feet of the large coconut palm trees. The vine will be tamed by the sidewalk barriers and rich brownish red mulch. To seal in all of this beauty, the plans propose installation of a 4 foot-tall black fence with smooth top rail on the north and south sides of the property, leaving clear, uninterrupted views of the sparkling Biscayne Bay.

The City of Miami Beach is currently reviewing these plans for finalization. The park’s transformation will be a complement to the other surrounding niceties such as the Normandy Shores Golf Course, the Normandy Shores tennis courts, and the Fairway Park amenities complete with basketball court, tennis courts, and a large playground. With all of the great amenities found in Normandy Shores, it’s no wonder buyers have really migrated to this neighborhood. To take a look around and see why this could be the perfect fit for you and your family, call us today at 305-403-8686.

Eden House – Boutique Condominium Residence – 6700 Indian Creek Drive

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013


By the time the Eden House had it’s official announcement party last year, more than 80% of the residences were already reserved for purchase. Originally planned by the Merco Group as Nobe Bay, the project was stalled during the economic downturn . However, in 2011, it was purchased together with the garage across the street for $21.5Million and rebirthed as the Eden House. Now that the project is finished, we took a look at this fine boutique condominium located along the intracoastal and just one block to the beach. This is one of the most exciting projects to be completed in North Beach. Needless to say, we were most enthusiastic to share the view from the rooftop terraces.

 Eden House Bay View


The building was designed so that most of the units face south to west, with the best views from lines 5 thru 7. From here, you’ll be looking south along Indian Creek towards South Beach, over the lush palms and beautiful estates on Allison and La Gorce Island, with Downtown Miami & Brickell as the backdrop. The view at dusk and into the evening will just be a wonderful welcome home. Practically any unit above the 8th floor will feature this amazing view, as the Peloro next door will stand at only 7 stories plus a roof top deck. Another nice line to consider is line 2 on the southeast corner with a huge wrap around terrace that’s perfect for someone seeking the full morning sun and beach views. PH2 is currently for sale, and features this beautiful rooftop deck yearning to be used for entertaining friends or for morning yoga while enjoying the cool beach breeze.

Eden House PH2 Sundeck

With only 98 residences, the Eden House has a beautiful entrance set away from the main street that welcomes you with a tranquil view towards the intracoastal over the pool. The two story lobby entrance features a wall of glass, a beautiful fireplace, and a second level library. Some other interesting features of the Eden House:

  • There are 2 loft units overlooking the pool deck on the lobby level
  • The 4th floor units feature a lanai deck with access to the meditation garden
  • Each Penthouse unit features a private rooftop deck with shade & sun areas
  • There are several cabanas for residents to use along the water’s edge, and a public walkway.
  • The gym & recreational room are located on the third floor overlooking the pool deck with inspirational views.
  • Residences available in one, two or three bedroom floor plans

Eden House Gym


Eden House Recreation Room


Eden House Pool Deck

Want more information about this exciting new North Beach condominium? You can check out more photos and details on the Eden House on our website, urbanresource.com.

Bath Club Estates 6747 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

New Luxury Oceanfront Residence planned in North Beach by developer Don Peebles


After seeing the successful sale of projects like Canyon Ranch and Eden House, it was only a matter of time before we would see further new developments come to the neighborhood. This newest project to be presented to the Historic Preservation Board  is being developed by the Peebles Corporation and designed by Arquitectonica. When reviewing the proposed plan, what really stands out is the size and number of units. There are only 13 units in total, all with 12 foot ceilings. Ten of them will be one story full floor residences, with an average size of 5620 square feet. These units feature 4BD/5.5BA, and will boast a 360º wrap around terrace with amazing views of the ocean, private elevator foyer, master bedroom suite with his/her baths, open kitchen with island centrally placed between living area, media room and family room, private wine cellar, and a flex room to be used for whatever you’d like. These units are like the perfect 10.



In addition to the perfect 10 residences , the project will include 2 private villas, on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the building. Each 2 story villa will have it’s own private elevator, 8,688 sqft of living area in a flow thru design, a double height living room (24 ft ceiling), huge spacious decks facing the ocean with a summer kitchen, a private lap pool approximately 35 ft in length, and a covered lanai area on the west side. These are truly spectacular residences.



Last but certainly not least is the Penthouse residence, also two stories with over 10,200 sqft of living area boasting views of the ocean and bay, with it’s very own rooftop pool & deck. The plan for this PH was not part of the renderings submitted for approval, as I’m certain this residence can be customized for it’s new owner.

The elegant & reserved lobby will include a business center, while the 4th floor amenity level will feature a screening room, fitness center, wine cellar, and the resident’s lounge overlooking the infinity pool with 13 cabanas, one for each residence. In addition, there’s a larger beachfront pool.



Michael Larkin of Bercow Radell & Fernandez notes in his submission letter that this project completely complies with the Miami Beach development regulations and requires no variances. It replaces the previously approved project Ocean Sound, which stood at 19 stories with a total of 60 units. This new project will offer a smaller footprint and less density than what was previously planned. To hear more about this project or to voice your own opinion, make sure to attend the next Historic Preservation Board meeting on Tuesday, September 10th, 2013.

What do projects like this really say about North Beach? Developers like R. Donahue Peebles see an  opportunity to invest in North Beach and develop a property that meets the planning department’s vision of this neighborhood. Instead of adding more units, even keeping the same envelope of the previous project, this seeks to give something unique and minimal, yet expansive for the resident. I wonder who will be the lucky 13 that will reside here?

Given the demand for these amazing residences, we’re certain these will be swooped up rather quickly when they are released for sale for prices sure to start north of $10Million. North Beach luxury – it’s like nothing else!

For more information about this project and Real Estate in North Beach, contact us today!